About Deaf Australia (NSW) Inc

Established in the 1930’s, Deaf Australia (NSW) Inc was first known as the Deaf General Committee and was also previously recognised as the NSW Association of the Deaf. Deaf Australia (NSW) Inc is a not-for-profit organisation fully operated by a full Board of 8 Deaf members.

The primary communication used in this organisation is Auslan and English, alongside other varying degrees of fluency in Auslan. Generally, Auslan is the native or preferred language used by members at Deaf Australia.

The organisation also respects the diversity of all individuals and group associated with the Deaf community. There is a target to achieve the desired idea of building a solid unity within, to create an atmosphere sense of belonging and a sincere regard for others, regardless of their uniqueness.

What We Do

Like its peak organisation Deaf Australia, the volunteers at Deaf Australia (NSW) Inc aim to advise the government, industries and service providers about the needs and views of Deaf people. They also labour to ensure that Deaf people access quality inclusion in a range areas; political, economic and social.

Quoting its national organisation Deaf Australia, Deaf Australia (NSW) Inc shares the same view; where “Deaf people are respected and fully included in the Australian community and the right to use Auslan is legally recognised”